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Buried treasure


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Explore the fascinating world of fossils with our 1-quart fossil discovery mining bucket! The mini version of our gallon size.  Packed with a variety of fossils, this bucket is perfect for both beginners and experts. Unearth ancient treasures and learn about the history of our planet with this educational and informative bucket. Each bucket comes with a large variety of fossils plus our fossilfetti sand. Fossilfetti sand is washed and sifted sand that contains a large number of fossils mixed in.

* All fossils change on a regular basis. Bucket and lid may also be a different color. What doesn't change is the quality of our merchandise. We strive to make sure everything we sell is of the best quality and 100% authentic.  

Each fossil mining bucket will contain a selection of fossils from our ever growing list which includes; Bivalve Clams, Echinoids, Proetus Trilobites, Sea Snails, Ray Teeth, Rough Ammonites, Branch Coral, Amber, Petrified Wood, Crinoid Stems, Orthoceras, Gastropods, Polished Ammonites, Goniatite Buttons, Polished Sand Dollars, Variety of  Shark Teeth, Sea Urchins, Phacopid Trilobites, Calymene Trilobites, Fish Vertebra, Acastoides, Mosasaur Teeth, Enchodus Fangs, Devil’s Toenail Oysters, Reptile Vertebra, Bison Teeth, Horse Teeth, Dugong Bones, misc. Bones, Fish, Plants and more.