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This is the ultimate Pokémon lovers mining bucket. First we start off with our one gallon Rough and Tumbled  mining bucket. This comes with our gemfetti sand, which is washed filtered play sand with lots of small tumbled stones. Over two pounds of 20 different rough stones, plus over two pounds of tumbled stones. Next you get 3 gemstone Pokémon that we randomly pick from our selection. Finally we add in 6 Pokémon stickers. This is a must have for any Pokémon collector. Comes in a reusable plastic 1 gallon bucket. 

You will randomly receive 3 of the following Pokémon 

Agate Pikachu

Rainbow Fluorite Bulbasaur

Ocean Jasper Mew

Ocean Jasper Squirtle

Moss Agate Koffing

Ocean Jasper Jigglypuff

Ocean Jasper Charmander

Rainbow Fluorite Gengar

Moss Agate Psyduck

Blue Dot Jasper Pikachu

Ocean Jasper Chickorita

Ocean Jasper Gengar


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Amanda C
A Crystal Lovers Dream + a Lil' Pokemon Flare

I saw Buried Treasure as a sponsored ad on Facebook advertising their new Poke Themed crystal bucket, and before I knew it I had it in my cart, but the lack of reviews had me a little concerned. I decided to take a chance and was thoroughly satisfied upon receiving my mining bucket.

It was exciting to see what I was going to find next while I dug through the sand, and was impressed with the variety and size of the crystals inside. I was so impressed that decided to help Buried Treasure out, and made a video review for their first official customer review.

Thanks for the open communication!