Buried treasure


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Made from natural, unpolished stone, each piece is unique and may vary in size and shape.

Lepidolite is the name of a rare lithium rich mica mineral that is usually pink, red or purple in color.  It is the most common lithium bearing mineral and serves as a minor ore of lithium metal.  When impregnated with Quartz, Lepidolite is used as a minor gemstone.  Flakes of Lepidolite are sometimes responsible for the color of pink and red Aventurine.  It is found in Brazil, Canada, Japan, Madagascar, Russia, Mexico and the United States.  


Lepidolite is sometimes called the peace stone.  It is used to harmonize the mind, body and soul.  It relieves tension and depression and aids in the expansion of self-awareness.  It is also used to dissipate negativity.