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Stones average .5 - 1 inch

Green Aventurine belongs to the chalcedony family.  It  is a micro crystalline that contains Quartz.  It is usually formed in magmatic rocks such as Pegmatities and hydrothermal veins.  A common inclusion that can be found is Fuchsite.  Green Aventurine ranges in color for a translucent and somewhat clear to nearly opaque.  It is usually found in light to medium shades of green to rarely very dark.  It is found in Brazil, Russia, Spain, Tanzania, and India. 

Healing Properties

This gem is highly regarded for its ability to encourage emotional balance and healing. It is frequently used to heal emotional scars, lessen tension, and promote feelings of tranquility. Green Aventurine fosters relationships and promotes a sense of peace and oneness with its heart-centered energy.