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Stones are approximately .5 - 1"

Garnet refers to a group of minerals that share a common crystal structure but come in a variety of colors and compositions. These minerals belong to the nesosilicate family and have a general chemical formula of X3Y2(SiO4)3, where X and Y are elements that can vary. The most commonly found garnets are typically red to reddish-brown in color, but they can also occur in shades of orange, yellow, green, purple, and even colorless varieties. The diverse range of colors is due to the different elements present in the crystal structure. Garnets form under specific geological conditions that involve high temperature and pressure environments. They are typically found in metamorphic rocks, which are rocks that have undergone significant changes due to intense heat and pressure, as well as in some igneous and sedimentary rocks. The exact conditions under which garnets form can influence their composition, color, and crystal structure.

Healing Properties

Garnet is thought to evoke passion, creativity, and vitality with its fiery fire. These characteristics make it a popular option for people looking to inject some motivation and enthusiasm into their works.